Jaguar XK 140

Jaguar XK 140

Simply a jewel of automotive design.

This picture shows a part of the front of the second version of the XK, the 140, which, among other things, is distinguished by its grille of seven vertical slats.

The composition of this picture shows a front end in which all the chrome elements coexist distributed on the superb silver bodywork.

On the one hand, it highlights the exterior mirror that seems to reflect a road through the English countryside and, on the other, the position light and the blinker light, the latter in orange, the only color detail of the painting along with the Jaguar emblem integrated into the top of the radiator shell.

Jaguar XK 140 (1954)
Dimensions: 95 x 75 cm
Pastel drawing on black Mi-Teintes paper
Beech wood frame with glass