Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

It is not a classic, but it could be. The grille, the air intakes, the layout of the optics and the elegant lines of the design of this 2021 version of the Bentley Continental GT have lent this car to perfectly become a painting in which its character is summarized based on strokes made in white and gray pastels on black Mi-Teintes paper.

And a tiny touch of color, the green background of the oval with the B of the winged brand logo on the hood that shows the sporty character of the model.

Without being a classic, this Bentley has become a painting that deserves a space on the wall of any fan of the brand or special design cars.

Bentley Continental GT (2021)
Dimensions: 100 x 75 cm
Pastel drawing on black Mi-Teintes paper

Proceso de creación del cuadro de un Bentley Continental GT